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The Superjig - Complete plans

The Superjig - Complete plans

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Complete set of plans to build the Superjiig. The package contains parts list, 2D drawings in PDF format and 3D models in Step and Sketchup formats. Drawings and 3D models are supplemented with build videos on Youtube. The plans are in english and the units are mm.


The plans are not allowed to be redistributed or copied.

  • Technical specifications

    Boxjoint fingers on all 0.5 numbers

    Tenons and double tenons on every 0.05mm

    Bridle joints on every 0.05mm

    Saw blade size 200-350mm

    Max width of workpieces 240mm

    Max saw cut height 60mm

    Resolution 0.05mm

    Accuracy better than 0.05mm

    Option for angled joinery

    Material cost approx. 100$ + wood material

    Add 40$ for digital readout option (not necessary)



  • Information

    Carmonius Finsnickeri does not take responsibility for the safety when using the Superjig, and it is assumed that the person who builds their version of the jig is a reasonably experienced woodworker and table saw user. The total tolerance is dependent on many build steps, components and your level as a woodworker and Carmonius Finsnickeri does not guarantee that your jig will fall within the specified tolerance range.